Arctic activities in Kiruna

Kiruna or Giron is the northernmost town of Sweden sitting at the meeting point of great forests and the massive mountains that sit between Sweden and Norway. Kiruna is a great place to visit and offers some fantastic activities throughout the year including dog sledding in the winter and white water rafting in the summer. The world famous ICEHOTEL and ICEHOTEL365 are also located just a short drive from the city.

Kiruna - Snowmobiling

Kiruna – Northern Light Snowmobiling

3 hours approx

from SEK 1050.00

Sit back and relax on warm reindeer skins in our comfortable sled, driven by one of our knowledgeable guides!

Snowmobile tour with ice fishing (JAN-MARCH)

5 hours approx

from SEK 2350.00

Enjoy a day at the Arctic Char lake. By snowmobile we travel through a snowcovered landscape. Traditional icefishing and lunch by the fire.

Snowmobile: Get away to the mountains (DEC-MARCH)

2 hours approx

from SEK 1250.00

Our experienced guide will take you up to the mountain Eatnamvarri which offers an amazing view

Snowmobile safari to the World famous ICEHOTEL (DEC-MARCH)

4 hours approx

from SEK 2700.00

ICEHOTEL is a world class destination! Combine your visit of the ICEHOTEL with an amazing snowmobile tour along the Torneriver.

Snowmobile: Northern lights tour (DEC-MARCH)

from SEK 1950.00

Join us in the search for the mythical and beautiful Northern Lights

Snowmobile: Amazing views over our most famous mountain range in Sweden (DEC-MARCH)

4 hours approx

from SEK 1750.00

Join us on a guided snowmobile tour to amazing views over our most famous mountain range in Sweden



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Highlight activities in Kiruna

Kiruna offers a wide range of activities from snowmobiling to in the winter through to hiking in the summer. Be sure not to miss venturing out into the wilderness by dog sled on a crisp winter’s day a highlight of many guest to the region.

Whilst those visiting in the Autumn can explore the many hiking trails and wonderful colours of the Autumn leaves. Kiruna is also very well positioned to see the spectacular Northern Lights any evening from mid September through to late March.